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Dallas Tests positive for Covid-19.

January 8th just a little over a week from the New Years’ Holiday most locations in the US saw a spike in Covid-19 positive results. The Dallas Stars joined the trend. They announced that 6 players and two coaches have tested positive.

The NHL in a press release stated “as a result of the positive [covid-19] tests, and as an appropriate precaution, the team’s [Dallas] training facilities have been closed, effective immediately” the statement continued “and will remain closed for several days while further daily testing and contact tracing is conducted.”


Columbus Blue Jackets Held from Camp

blue jackets camp

Columbus Blue Jackets send 19 home.

While Dallas had to shut down its practice. The Columbus Blue Jackets were able to have some players on the ice. Columbus held 19 players out of practice according to NHL.com. Blue Jackets Coach John Tortorella said The Blue Jackets “would try to make the best of the situation.” The remaining players were able to get their ice time.

During the two playoff bubbles, the NHL held over 30,000 Covid-19 tests. None of them came back positive. Placing 31 teams in a Bubble for up to 7 months was a no-go right from the start.

These positive tests and precautions that the two teams are currently taking could be a huge gift.  This is the kind of gift that when you receive it, you pop yourself in the head like you could have had a V-8. The more you stare at this weird and confusing gift. The more you begin to realize just how good and timely it really was.

Maybe it’s good that it happens early on here,” Tortorella, Columbus’ head coach stated. “Try to figure out[covid-19] protocol, try to drill home the protocol. And how we adjust to it. I thought we had a really good day of work for the players that were here.” Tortorella continued ”That’s what it’s going to be sometimes. The players that are able to be in the building, those are the players that you’re going to work with. That’s all part of it.”

I could not agree more!!!

This is the best time for this type of disruption to happen. The NFL had to reschedule games on the fly. While the NFL was able to get all of its contest in, it also felt like they were making it up as they went along.

The NHL now has a chance to see what protocols work, which ones need to be tweaked, and which ones were a complete failure.

The NHL has postponed the start of the Stars season till some time after January 18th.

The smartest mindset in this situation is to think of it as no different than any other season.

What the #@$% am I talking about? Players get hurt, players get sick, and players have personal issues that prevent them from playing every year. Treat Covid-19 the same way. Just one more thing the team and coaching staff have to deal with in order to reach the team goals.

Crawford Out

New Jersey Devil G Corey Crawford has taken an indefinite leave of absence. NHL.com Staff Writer Mike G. Morreale @mikemorrealeNHL reported that Devils coach Lindy Ruff said he spoke to the team regarding Crawford after a scrimmage Friday. 

devils Dallas

Devil’s G Corey Crawford takes leave of absence.

“By me addressing it it’s just taken away some of the guesswork,” Ruff said. “Players were wondering, so the guesswork is gone and he’s obviously on leave for personal reasons, and that’s all that we have right now.” 

This does not appear to be a Covid-19 issue for Crawford.

Both Dallas and Columbus have the opportunity to adjust and reconfigure the current timeline. The coaching staff of each team will be tested.

I would rather be tested before the games count, instead of in the middle of the battle. Like the famous Mike Tyson quote “ everyone has a plan until they get hit.

Dallas’ situation is a bit different than Columbus’ in that they cannot practice at all. Technology, such as Zoom meetings, will allow them time to knock heads and brainstorm, along with a lot of film study. The Dallas coaching staff can use this extended camp as an opportunity to dwell on their team’s mindset and psyche. They can also learn from how other teams perform during the opening week.

Tortorella an old-school kick you in-the-ass coach, will have his mentality pushed to the wall. His understanding that the timing is perfect tells me that he has learned how to coach both his players and the Blue Jackets Fans.

Be a Marine, adapt, overcome, and preserver. Or you could also be a sailor and just say “ FUCK IT” and be Gumby.

Either way, they will have a leg up and the team will be better for it.

Till next time Hockey FANS.

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