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Player Safety says Hit On Bortuzzo Legal

No Hearing for Valeri Nichuskin according to NHL

The NHL Department of player safety has decided that Colorado’s Valeri Nichuskin hit on Robert Bortuzzo was legal.

First reported by St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Jim Thomas. Thomas noted “The hit on Bortuzzo looked more violent than [Sammy] Blais hit on Devon Toews. While Toews returned to the ice missing only about four minutes of ice time. Bortuzzo skated for less than two minutes.

In a text to Jim Thomas, General Manager Doug Armstrong told the Post-Dispatch,” after talking with the NHL, I was told they feel this play is within the rules,” he continued” each year you allow the league to set the guidelines and you play within the boundaries. We now know the boundaries for this type of hit.”

During Brotuzzo’s first shift to the game. He went behind the Blues net to retrieve the puck. Nichushkin struck him from behind while leaning in with his shoulder. TV color analyst Darren pang noted it looked as if the Nichushkin’s shoulder ran into Brotuzzo’s head.” Bortuzzo looked immediately out of sorts, and as if he did not know where he was. Completed one full shift, and on his third shift which only lasted a few seconds, he left the ice for good.


While not completely sure, it appears that Nichuskin has never been before the Player Safety Committee, just as Blais had never been before the mast either. The two hits were both to the heads and in Nichuskin’s case, he was looking at Bortuzzo’ s numbers the entire time.

Hit on Bortuzzo

hit Nhl Brotuzzo

St Louis Blues’s D Robert Bortuzzo’s head is slammed into the glass by Colorado Avalanche Valeri Nichushkin

The play is reminiscent of the hit by Oscar Sundquist in game two of the Stanley Cup finals. The player safety committee stated Sundquist only saw the numbers.

It is not known if he has a concussion. If he sustained one, he will more than likely miss the home opener on Monday. Carl Gunndarsson could make his season debut.

The part of this that stinks, is that Sammy Blais will be serving the second game of his suspension. Blais, whos hit on Toews, was neither violent nor purposeful. Blais had never been in trouble with the league or was he considered a repeat offender.


Blais and Devon Toews just before the hit that caused Blais to be suspended.

Toews who went into concussion protocol after his hit was able to return to the ice. Brushing up against a player and putting him into concussion protocol is worthy of a two-minute minor and a two-game suspension. Nailing a player’s head into the glass behind the net causing that player to miss much of the game and changing the flow of the game should be a lot more than,” it was a legal hit”

It felt as if the league set a precedent with the Blais suspension. They did. Hit a Blues, player in the head that is okay. Have a Blues player brush up against you and take a dive, and they will be punished to the full extent of the CBA.

The NHL Player’s Safety Committee has nothing less than a tarnished record.

There is no rhyme or reason to how suspensions are carried out. What looks to be an innocent play can easily be a two or three-game suspension. A blatant hit to the head or to the knee is constantly overlooked and not given punishment.

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Sorry hockey fans, this one has got my dander up.

Get your crap together NHL Player Safety.

I say this not as a blues fan, but as a hockey fan.

If you are going to set a precedent set it and follow it.

Till next time Hockey FANS.

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