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Winnington is Back!!!

Now I know that might seam a bit out of place considering the St. Louis Blues lost 2-1 in a shootout to the San Jose Sharks. Jordan Binnington the Blues Netminder made 37 saves on 38 shots. His effort was second to none in this game, but it was his quip in the post-game that spoke the loudest.

During the first period, while the Sharks were on a Power-Play, F Evander Kane was in front of Binnington being a pest like he is supposed to be. Kane with Binnington set up behind him, used his stick has a spear. Taking aim on the goalie’s family jewels, Kane hit his target and was whistled for slashing.

Binnington Bravado

“Nothing today” the goalie stated to Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch. Thomas released this tweet.

That Chirp is all Winnington. During his Rookie season he was asked if he was getting nervous? His response? “Do I look Nervous?” The bravado he showed is the type of attitude a Cup winning goalie needs.

During the 1997 playoffs the Chicago Blackhawks were locked in a battle on the ice and in the press with the Colorado Avalanche. Hall of Fame goalie Patrick Roy of the Avalanche was asked about comments made by Jeremey Roenick of the Blackhawks. Roy in his heavily accented English responded, “I can’t really heard what Jeremy said.” He paused and finished “Because I got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears.”

That is the gumption that an all-world goalie needs. The hardest part of that is backing it up. Roy did when the Avalanche beat the “Hawks” in seven games in the first round.

Up until the Bubble playoffs last season Binnington had too. During the Round-Robin play and the first-round of the playoffs, Binnington looked lost and could not keep a beachball out of the net.

Five days ago, in the Rockies, it felt as if that was still the case. The Blues were destroyed 8-0 with Binnington giving up 4 goals in 40 minutes of play.  While that looks bad, Blues Captain Ryan O’Reilly called Binnington our best player so far.

Wednesday night Binnington needed to be the Blue’s best player. He Was. The Blues were outshot 18-3 in the final 20 and OT. The Sharks had some great chances. They whiffed or Binnington came up big.

This was not the best brand of Hockey to watch. Former NHL F Cam Jansen sarcastically tweeted, “I love …penalty after penalty after penalty after penalty after penalty… So fun to watch.” There was a total of 12 penalties called. All of them were deserving.

The teams did not get any preseason games which normally help the players figure out how the new rules are going to come into play and how the officials are translating the old ones. Add to that, they will see almost every team twice in a row and play each team 8 times in the East, Central and West. The fuse has been lit.

Sharks Blues play it tight

Blues F Jorden Kyrou made his mark again. Kyrou has amazing speed, something the Blues have been missing for years. He used his speed and skill to get up ice and through the neutral zone. Kyrou came right down Broadway and was met by a roadblock in Sharks D Brett Bruns. Slowing up and turning his back to the net, Kyrou did what could be described as either amazing vision, or just plain dumb luck, drop the puck toward the left circle. Both Torey Krug and Brayden Schenn raced to the puck. Schenn getting there just a hair quicker, firing off a rocket to the upper right corner. Giving the Blues a one to nothing led.

The Sharks answered back 17 minutes later.  Mario Ferraro sent a pass from Bruns to the net from the Blueline. The rebound came out to the right and with a Blues Player draped all over him, Marcus Sorensen stayed with the puck and made a spectacular play to even it up at 1.

Something that has chapped my ass happened with just 5 seconds to go in OT. Burns was called for holding against David Perron. Perron was in one-on-one against Burns. Burns pulled him to the ice and was called for holding. This should have been a penalty shot.

Burns stopped Perron from getting away from him and he received no consequence for his action. Spending four seconds in the box and still being allowed to participate in the shootout if called upon. Makes absolutely no sense.

If the game is tied with under a minute to play why not stop a potential breakaway. Burns doing it with four seconds left meant only a minute power-play. This play happened after a face-off from center ice. San Jose Sharks had thought they had scored and were celebrating, but the on-ice official immediately waved it off for goaltender interference. The play was reviewed and upheld, creating the face-off from center ice.

During the overtime San Jose tried to play it safe and kept bringing the puck back to center. It almost worked.

While the blue’s lost in the shootout, they were able to gain a point. And that lingering question mark, about which Binnington would show up may have just been answered.

Till next time Hockey FANS.

Guy “Hawaii Blues Fan” Bensing




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