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The St. Louis Fan Report Blues Pick ‘Em contest goes into sudden death.

The ST. Louis Fan Report has been hosting a Pick ‘Em contest for over a year.  The contest started when John Hefner of Sulfur LA, a fan and admin for the BlueNote Fan Report’s Facebook page, the Hawaii STL Blues Fan Clan, suggested it.

“Guy had been making picks on the [BlueNote Fan Report]” Hefner stated. “He was calling so many games right I thought we could all join in. We had a few small prizes we could give away. It was a fun way to get more people involved in the show.”

The first season was fun, and the Fan Report was able to pick up some signed jerseys to give away. The Clan was hooked. However, COVID-19 put a halt to the contest as did the Blues’ early exit. The Clan was ready for the new season and a new chapter in the contest.

A program that started as a pregame rant, turned into a full-fledged studio show. Wanting to reach a bigger more diverse audience the BlueNote Fan Report spawned the St. Louis Fan report website.

The new site also opened the opportunity for the contest to grow and find a new home. What started as a Facebook post morphed into its own webpage. https://stlfanreport.com/hawaii-blues-fan-clan-pick-em-contest. The contest is mainly for members of the Clan Facebook group, so the page is password protected.

The Hawaii STL Blues Fan Clan has started to open the contest to other groups monthly. During the month of February, they invited The BlueNotes Bunch and the STL Blues Crew.

Members of the participating groups go to the website before each game and make their picks. Each person picks the winning team, the Blues score, the opponents score, and a player or goalie on the team they picked to win.

Players receive one point for each right pick. If they get the winning team and both scores right they get a bonus point for a total of 4. Then they also get one point for each point their player gets. A contestant may pick the goalie by name or the teams’ goalies. Picking a goalie will get you 1 point per 10 saves, but -1 point for each goal allowed.

Picking the goalie by name means if that goalie gets pulled or injured you only get the points for that goalie and not the relief. Pick the teams’ Goalies and you get the points for all goalies that play.

There is a risk in picking the goalie. On Feb 27th Blues’ Goalie, Jorden Binnington was pulled after he gave up 4 goals on 19 shots. His contest score was -6 since this was a double-point game. Ville Husso who came in for relief gave up 2 goals while making 19 saves. -2. The team total would have been -8.

The author picked Binnington and was embarrassed. He dropped from 6th place to 22nd losing the Admins contest. The Admins of the group are not allowed to win so they have their own bragging rights side pot.

The February contest went down to the last day with Jess York of St. Louis leading the pack by two points. The St. Louis Blues Played the San Jose Sharks on Feb 27th and double points were awarded.

The Blues and Sharks combined for 13 goals and 32 points. York along with David Nash, Dan Monroe, Kyle Mead, Dane and Gianna LoGrasso, Bob Morton, Devin Dayton, and the author all watch this game with great anticipation. We were all within 5 points of the leader.

Most contestants pick the same player each game and this final game of the month was not different. Ryan O’Reilly, David Perron, Jorden Kyrou, Mike Hoffman, and Brayden Schenn are the most picked players.

“I don’t like Perron, so I pick him,” York said. “He better get me some points.”  Perron got a goal, so York got her point along with picking the Blues to win. Her total for the game was 4 and she set the mark at 27.

York was 2 points up on second place, so both Nash and Monroe would need 6 points to tie her and 8 to beat York.

Monroe, who took second in the January contest, picked the Blues 4-3 with Schenn. Schenn got a point., leaving Monroe short. He would finish in third place winning a signed Robby Fabbri picture.

Robby Fabbri Picture Contest Prize.

Third Place prize

Nash went Blues 4-3 with O’Reilly. O’Reilly netted a goal and an assist for 2 points. Couple that with the Blues wild 7-6 win along with the double point game and Nash scored 6 points to place him in a tie with York.

The contest is fun, but we needed a tie-breaker. The admins made the next game a sudden death game. Both York and Nash were told to pick the game as they normally would, but to also pick a second player. the contestant’s picks would count for the March contest and the playoff. The second player picked only counted toward the playoff and not March’s contest. If they were still tied, the first player to earn a point would determine the winner.

Sounds a bit complicated, but it really makes sense. Both finalists picked Blues 4-2. So that became a wash. Nash Picked Schenn and O’Reilly, who he picked every game this month. York picked Perron and Schenn. I guess great minds think alike.

It came down to this. If Perron outscored O’Reilly, York would win. Should the opposite happened Monroe would get a new Brett Hull Signed Jersey.

Hill Jersey

First Prize for February.

Turn out they both had a point. Tied again. But not really. Nineteen minutes into the first period O’Reilly made a perfect pass to Kyrou who made a move and beat the Ducks Goalie John Gibson for the Blues’ first goal.

O’Reilly had gotten the first point. York who had led for most of the month after a 7-point game would take home second and an Ivan Barbashev signed puck.

Contest Blues

Second place prize

See the month’s results here.

“The contest makes watching the games just a bit more fun,” Nash told me. “You (Guy Bensing) do a great job with the group and show. I am glad I can do something like this.”

“The Clan is a family, and we take care of each other” Roland Spink told me. “this is one of the best Blues groups on Facebook. I hope more people join and we can keep the contest going.” The contest is currently being sponsored by Kenn Phillips of Salisbury, NC, and his War Stories Stars and Stripes coffee sales.

“I saw what Guy was doing and knew I could help him and his group” Phillips stated. “I will give a portion of my sales to the contest so they can continue to give away great prizes.” This is a good opportunity for both of us.

Stars and Stripes Coffee helps support veterans by allowing them to sell and promote the coffee, Veterans earn a percentage of their sales. Stars and Stripes Coffee’s mission is to help veterans become business owners and end veteran homelessness.

If you would like to learn more check out the website and the contest rules.

Till next time Hockey FANS.

Guy “Hawaii Blues Fan” Bensing




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