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Can the almost Impossible happen?

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The Blues have an almost impossible task ahead of them being down 3-0- to the President Trophy-winning Colorado Avalanche. Well everybody knows. Most are counting them out and are making plans for the offseason. Even my boss! (Sorry Guy). Who should we get, what can we do differently for next year.

I would say, anybody who says this isn’t a true fan, now Guy is really going to be pissed at me, but then they would be like the less than the 50 people left who believe. I am one of those people though, but it will be hard-pressed for the Blues to do this. The main reason is that everybody is looking at this as, “We need to win 4 in a row.” What gets me is this, that’s precisely what Avalanche are trying to do to us right now.

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If we work hard as a team and we win the next one, if and this is a big if, we do that it can give us the start to what we need. Once we win one then we can focus on the next one, then our momentum starts churning. I hate to use this reference but, like ’19 the thought that we couldn’t do it propelled us on. Nobody thought we could do it and that was “Our tackling fuel” to use a line borrowed from the “Waterboy.”

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All we need is that one win to start us going, then we can show the world what we are made of. The important thing is that we come together. We came together in 2019 and did the impossible, coming from last in points to the third seed in the Central, just one point out of first in the division. Once again the task is just as daunting and near impossible.

Though this time, we have to do it without some of our vital players, first Justin Faulk to that devasting hit that was so dirty. Next, David Perron is out due to Covid Protocals. Finely Robert Borutuzo to another dirty hit. You could argue that the NHL has it out for us; I among all the fans hate that things have happened to us the way it has. Though if you did you would be wrong, do I agree with the way this has been handled by the NHL, NO of course not.

One thing I won’t do, even though I wish I could is to make excuses. This sh*t happens, this is hockey; the players are not babies. Like in the movie, “Fever Pitch” Ben – Jimmy Fallon says in a bar to friends about the players enjoying food out like normal people, that they can do it because of how great they are.”

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Now I realize that was about a totally different sport, but the fact is that they did it just like we did it in ’19. We have 14 players still with us who have cup experience, 16 if you count Clifford’s two Stanley Cup wins with LA. My point is that we have the experience to know what it takes, so many people give it weight that they think it matters, however, I don’t.

I do believe that they do have comradery and that I think you can count on.  Get that first win! That is all it will take to start an engine that can’t be stopped. So what if only four teams have come back from a 0-3 game deficit to win the series. Ok, let us be the Fifth, all we have to do is take it one game at a time. One win at a time, one period at a time, one shid=ft at a time.

Ok like Matt Damon, said in the “Martain,” Do the math. you solve one problem and move one to the next.”  Do that enough times and you can win this series. Do enough things right you get to bring the cup home again.

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One win at a time, 16 of those & we get to see the cup brought back to St. Louis, & I’m sure we’ll get another visit from a very inebriated Brett Hull again. So see the impossible is not so impossible. If the drive is strong enough the Stanley Cup could make its second trip in three years to St. Louis

Thanks for reading.

E Guido

Mr. Guido is a lifelong fan of the Blues, how suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. Mr. Guido uses his love of the Blues and his newfound passion, the ST Loius Fan Report to help him in his daily routine. Mr. Guido stumbled across a live episode of the BlueNote Fan Report and was hooked. Mr. guido hopes to continue writing for the Fan Report and hope you give him a little slack if his grammar is just a bit off.




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