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The St. Louis Fan Report has run a friendly pick em contest in the Facebook Group “Hawaii STL Fan Clan” for 3 seasons now. The contest started out as a way for members of the group to get more involved. I wrote a story about the contest here. Now we are stepping things up a notch for the rest of the Playoffs.

The Contest is simple. Each day you pick the winning teams and the final score of each team. Next, pick a player from the team you pick to win.

For example:

Boston at Islanders, and Hurricanes at Lighting. puck drop for game 1 is 5 PM EST.

You decide: Boston 4 – Islanders 2 and Marchand

Game 2: Lighting 6 – Canes 4 and Kucherov

It is that simple. The form closes at the puck drop of the first game.


Picking the winning team: 1 point

Picking the correct score of a team 1 point.

Get all three right: 1 bonus point.

In the example above for today’s games:

Game 1: Islanders – 4 Boston 1, Earns 0 points.

Game 2 Lighting 6 – Hurricanes 4.

Earns 4 points. For 4 points.

Now for the Players Points.

You get the points your player gets. Marchand got an assist. and Kucherov had 2 goals and an assist earning you 4 points.

Your total for the Game is 8 points.

You can also pick a goalie. We can do this in one of two ways. Either by name, Rask, or putting just “Goalie.”

If you put the name, you get what the named played earns. If you put goalie, you get the totals for that team.

Goalies earn 1 point per 10 shots against and Minus -1 for each goal against. empty nets do not count against you.

Example: Today Rask was 30-32 meaning he has 32 shots against (3 pts) and allowed 2 goals (-2 pts) for 1 point.

We award 1 bonus point for each hat trick and shutout a chosen player makes.

For example, a hat trick is worth 4 points and a 40 save shutout would be worth 5 points.


Ashley Jones

Ashley one of our first winners

$500 USD NHL Shop Gift Card

If a person gets two perfect scores on days with two games and has the player that earned the max points on both teams with a minimum of 100 entrants for that day. They will win a $500 USD NHL shop.com gift card.

$250 USD NHL Shop Gift Card.

Same as above but less than 100 entrants for that day.

If there is only one game, you must get perfect scores on consecutive days or games. During Round 3, must be Game 1s, or Games 2s, Game 3s…….

During the Finals, it must be back-to-back games.

Win Door Prizes:

Enter the Contest just once and you will be eligible to win a door prize. Every 5 points you earn is an extra chance to win. Door prizes will be determined by the total number of entrants. 1 door prize per 10 entrants.

Door prizes can be puck, tee shirts, or other items.

We reserve the right to cancel this promotion at any time for any reason. Prizes are subject to change.

All winners must be verified, and the offer is void where prohibitive. Must be 18 y/o to play.

Sponsorships are available. See contact information at the bottom of the page.

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