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The Blues Jerseys ranked


It’s the topic of most discussion amongst Blues fans: The uniform. Yes, our Jersey. Why? Because even St. Louisans who don’t necessarily follow the sport (and I will bet money on this) have an opinion of how the very symbol plastered on our beloved team should be represented. From 1967 to today, our underrated note logo has never disappeared. I always remember this when our franchise is overlooked and under-appreciated on NBC Sports (Am I right?). Laying under a plethora of successes lies the pride in our expansion appearance.

I like to think that W. C. Handy, known as the father of Blues music would be ecstatic today to witness “When the Saints Go Marching In” relentlessly being kept alive as the song of St. Louis, let alone smack a note on our uniforms. As a modern-day millennial who grasps the aesthetic of branding a franchise, I can only tell you to grab Ted Drewe’s. Let’s take a journey through the “Met Gala” of sports jerseys.

I will be grading our most memorable jerseys from “Elite” to “Dumpster Fire.” In reverse order. You’re probably thinking I’ll go easy on some of our mistakes, and I’m here to tell you that I am not that person. Meet me in St. Louis folks…



So Let’s see what’s behind bench door number 7:

Dumpster Fire: 2008-2014: I’m not sure what’s worse here:

  1. The fact that we tried to encapsulate our beloved Arch on our white and royal blue jersey’s with a thin Ronald McDonald half-arch (all the way down to our pants mind you), or
    2. Our royally unpopular navy blue fiasco with an arcade penny logo you could
    press at the St. Louis Zoo.

Such beautiful lineups in this specific period of time (2008-2014) and we decide to clothe them in what looks like “runway-wear” prototypes for hockey.

I’m aware this is a “50/50” vote, but as Simon Cowell says, “it’s a no from me.”

Coming in not-so-hot at #6:

Slight trash can fire – 1987-1989: The jersey your 14-year-old-daughter will wear as retro-college gear.

I will not bluff, I will buy this jersey to wear as retro gear and I fully believe it could be one of our highest selling jerseys because of the minimalistic design. While the ’80s were so boisterous with prints, it would only seem fitting to hop on that bandwagon. But we just decided “no thanks,” we’ll stick to what we’ve had since the ’60s. And for whatever reason, we sported the loosest chin straps these seasons.

The color red has entered the chat with  #5:
2021 – About to be lit into the fire…Our most debated jersey. *Dun dun dun*

The reverse retro. Your eyes are either burning or beaming.

And I’m here to say that I am HERE FOR IT. This should have been the big 80’s era design, with our “reverse” switching the blue back to the focal point. Hear me out: Look at how we stand out like a sore thumb. We might not incorporate much black (the “fear” invoking color), but to me, we look straight up intimidating to other





teams. And most notably, our sacred trumpet is back! But alas, the growing distaste in this jersey landed it in the lower-tier rank. Maybe my favorite color is Russian red and therefore I love this combo. Also, we won the least games wearing this jersey…thank you superstitions!

#4 Was a tough one…Out of the fire.
The 1997-1998 jerseys took this spot simply because it gave us three very different options…


We have 90’s pattern-flair, then modern/sleek and classy, and finally a fantastic “f*ck off” jersey that smacks your face with

what could only resemble the colorful and jazz-y spirit of St. Louis.

I mean really, look at #99 sporting this look! Adding the trumpet was a tiny gesture that only strengthened the image of our city. I beam with pride knowing both Brett Hull and Wayne Gretzky graced us with this beautiful display of everything St. Louis.

It was only appropriate to put our Stanley Cup-worn Jersey’s on the list. Don’t be mad it’s at #3 though I have my reasons (2018-2020). Ranking: rising, no fire in sight.

By the way, as stated before, our beloved Blue Note is still here…Standing ovation required for tradition here, thanks.

Ah, the beautiful year of 2019 that will live in our hearts forever. I’m not one for unnecessary line-stitching in certain corners of the jersey that you can clearly see here. But Hallelujah! Stitching the same color as the jerseys. We can also note that the players who wore these, won a cup, and therefore, I’ll let the tight-cut pants go…

Our helmet-matching game is clearly strong (thank god we didn’t copy Vegas), and our color of blue slightly changed from royal to cobalt. One thing we never fail to do, is make sure our note is proudly outlined.

And is it just me, or are NHL jerseys getting shorter, and pants getting longer? Irrelevant observation? Or the future of the NHL fits? I call these the new crop-tops, and I welcome better nicknames. The one thing that bothers me most about our newer jerseys is that we got rid of the trumpet. Most people hear our name and think of something dumb like “The Browns.” The trumpet added extra solidified significance of our city. Even when I was younger, I didn’t even know it was a musical note, but I understood when my dad wore his vintage Hull circa 1998.

#2! 1998-2007

I watched most of my games throughout this period, and past the simplicity, I thought these jerseys were so cool as a kid.

Our arena was at full capacity every night during this period. It was either a white-out or a sea of blue. The symmetry in this design is what really gets me. As an athlete, they taught me that a complete uniform with an identical lineup scares your opponent. We looked seamless and our jerseys reflected our organization like no other.

Clean-cut, simple, and modern, these jersey’s took us to a new era, sparking more fans. I fully believe that an expensive-looking uniform spells one thing: money. “We must be winning, look at how awesome we look,” is what the common non-blues fan sitting at home would say, after looking at a packed arena and thousands of screaming fans. I wore Jackman. Home games with these jerseys, when the T-shirt guy didn’t have white hair, and our organ player still slapped with intermission music, made me fall in love with this game.

Number 1: The Winter Classic (2017)

What is better? Watching us beat the Blackhawks at an outdoor rink? Or doing so, while also feeling like you’ve stepped back in time to your childhood days, when everything was extraordinary?

This takes number one because of the color of blue they chose. Yes, I am aware that it somewhat looks like the Swedish Hockey team, but make no mistake, these are by far the most elite jerseys we’ve ever worn. I feel this jersey unified the fans the most because it has memories tied to it, and because it just looks the best.

Regardless of your favorite jersey, we know your favorite team. What do you think? Vegas has nothing on our image and history, and in fact, quite a few other teams don’t either. We are a hockey city, and we look it, too. *Pssst* We still have a cup ;).











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