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Tarasenko, a kid playing a grown man’s game

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Let me start off by saying many of you may not like what I have got to say about Vladimir Tarasenko, but they are honest words from me. Even though I love him, tough love may be what he needs to hear at this point.

Tarasenko, Tarasenko, Tarasenko, what are you thinking? I like you and all but; it seems like you are going out of your way to find excuses for you to not be playing better. Why can’t you just man up and play hockey the way we all know you can. Do not worry about the name on the back of your jersey so much. Yes, you may have heard that there have been issues in the past with other players that had problems with their results. Just because you got fed up and went to your own doctor and he seemed to fix everything.

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While I am happy that everything is better now, (with your shoulder) but think about what you are doing to this city and yes; it sucks what has happened to you, but it could have been so much worse. You are young and have so much ahead of you. Your actions have affected already so many lives but, it’s time to just wipe that away and put it behind you.

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I know you, Tarasenko, do not seem to really care so much about the team right now, but it is time to just wipe the slate clean and play the game you love. You only have 2 more years left on your contract, if all you cared about was playing hockey, then you would man up and play already. A trade will happen quicker if you show the hockey world that your shoulder is ok to play.

It is time to forget about all the fame and money, it’s time to get back to the basics.

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You have talked about your childhood in Russia and your grandpa who has taught you so much about the game of hockey. What do you think he would say about your actions? Please try to remember what it was like growing up playing hockey, get back to what you played for in the beginning. Find that fire again that moved you to be the outstanding player you have been.

It is time to forget all these childish antics, find your big boy pants, and put them on. It seems to me, only people who say yes and don’t speak the truth must surround you. Yea what I have to say it is not very nice, you and your fans will not like it, but it seems to me, somebody who was a fan from when you were drafted by the St Louis Blues in the first round, it is time to shut up and put up.

I have your jersey even; it may not seem like much, but I do not have lots of money. To throw around on jerseys, I must be very careful how I spend my money but, I was so excited by the fact you would play for the Blues. I thought now we have a star to lead us to our first cup, and you did!

What has led you to stray off the path? I think what you need to do is back it up, remember what it was like to play as a young kid and play the game you used to love. I say used to because right now and the recent past, you have been playing like a paycheck player and not the young kid who loved to play the game and impress his grandpa!


Where is that player now? I think all the fans, teammates, coaches, Blues staff, and family would love to see that; myself included. True, I do not know all the details and if I have come to the wrong conclusion, then I apologize but, based on the info I have gathered this is an accurate conclusion. Just Play.

I think if you become humble and apologize for your words, the city of St. Louis will be very understanding and forgive you. If you play well and still want out of here, a trade can be facilitated to a team more of your choosing. Even though you will be missed by me, your teammates, coaches, and the city of St. Louis, if you do all that…

Please realize that I have graded you harshly because when you came here you said you wanted to win a cup and you did that. It is very much appreciated but now after winning one cup, like a shark-tasting blood, I want more Stanley Cups!

I am not sure if you realized that we had never won a cup. Thankfully, you ended that streak. Though we are still in the window that most experts have placed us in to win another cup, the question then is, are you and your teammates able to work well enough together this season to win us another cup? Even though the harsh words you spoke were not directly aimed at your teammates; if you can do that, that would just add to your value!

I think many people are sickened by you coming out demanding a trade, if you apologized it would bring back the fans to support you, which would make things I think a lot easier for you. Writing this piece was extremely hard for me, I had to weigh out my love for you, Tarasenko, and my love for the St. Louis Blues.

In the end, the love for the Blues won out; if he could apologize and humble himself enough to come back and play well for the Blues and maybe win us another cup. Which would in turn raise your trade value, so then Doug Armstrong could provide you with a trade, if the success we had did not change your mind.

Now is the time to just play hockey. Your teammates understand this is a business and will support you if you support them.

Now is the time for Vladimir Tarasenko to just play hockey.

E. Guido

Mr. Guido is a lifelong fan of the Blues, who suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. Mr. Guido uses his love of the Blues and his newfound passion, the St Louis Fan Report, to help him in his daily routine. Mr. Guido stumbled across a live episode of the BlueNote Fan Report and was hooked. Mr. Guido hopes to continue writing for the Fan Report and hope you give him a little slack if his grammar is just a bit off.


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