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Tarasenko Again

I hate to write another Vladimir Tarasenko story, especially since so many are sick and tired of hearing about him. I feel like there have been hundreds written, even some by this site, but right now that’s the hot subject.

Those words being said, I will pass on my apologies to those who are sick of hearing about Tarasenko.

Is Tarasenko the marque player that we are paying $7.5million dollars to every year? This upcoming season should be his put-up or shut-up season. He needs to start earning those big bucks we are paying him.


What he should do is go into Armstrong’s office and say, “Hey I have not been putting up the numbers I should be, yes, but I have been injured over the last 2 years. This is not about me, but what is best for the team right now. I would be willing to sacrifice 1/2 of my salary so we can sign Thomas and maybe Bozak as well. That is what the team needs to win, and I want to win another Stanley Cup for St. Louis.”

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Now the logistics of this can be ironed out later. If the CBA would allow it. (Editor’s note: The CBA would not allow this to happen but the author wanted to set the symbology of the jester up.)

I am a big movie guy so like in the movie “Minority Report” there is a scene where Tom Cruise as Chief John Anderton and Colin Farrell as Danny Witwer where Chief Anderson roles a ball that is used to identify the murder. Colin Farrell’s character roles the ball off the end of the table and Tom Cruise’s character catches it before it hits the ground and Danny Witwer demands why? He says “it was going to fall,” I am using this as an example of how a goalie views the game, I see what is happening to the Blues and what is most likely to occur next.


I see Tarasenko starting the season as a Blue. He will play at least most of the season as a St. Louis Blues in my eyes. If a deal gets worked out (very doubtful) but if and when it happens, it will be when the Blues are out of the playoff race and a high price will be asked and a team willing to pay that price, probably because they are on the outside edge of a playoff spot and are willing to do what is needed to make that final push to make it into the playoffs. Maybe one of their key players gets injured and need a temporary fix.

Tarasenko is a passionate hockey who loves the game. He just wants to play the game and he wants to win when he plays, he will play to the best of his ability to be successful. He wants to win another Stanley Cup to cement him as a champion in the NHL, because right now the ‘19  St. Louis Blues just got lucky. He wants to show the rest of the NHL it wasn’t a fluke, that he is a true champion!

St. Louis needs to get back to winning, and that has a better chance of happening with Tarasenko on their side. From what I have witnessed at the Blues practice rink, he is getting along well with his teammates. There is no sign of any bad blood out there. A friend of mine likes to call it the “eye test” and I have heard of the eye test but never have I heard it from one so much before.

I do get it and see the relevance of it as it applies to this circumstance, though I am a former goalie, so I use all six of my senses. Most of you think you only have five, but the sixth is where you see what is happening before you and you see where the “play” in front of is going and you can tell by that what is going to happen.

Now, where do we go from here? Somewhere down the road, he needs to apologize to settle things down for him to stay here long term. He is an excellent player, but he needs to collect his wits about him, a lot of the Blues fans are disgruntled about his play as of late. Yea, he regained some of his former self playing over in Russia during the off-season.

He has regained enough to get him started in the NHL. I experienced some of the same things, I had a TBI and was in a coma for about 3 months and I had to re-learn everything all over again. Relearning all the knowledge gained in the 1st eighteen years of your life is not something I wish on my worst enemies. I had to relearn most of it in the next 6 months.

Mine was a little more severe. I had lost all of my muscle memory and he just has to relearn his shoulder actions, the rest of his body will lead his shoulder back to doing those actions he once did to capture all those magnificent sniped goals he once scored for the Blues in the NHL.

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He will have practices to bring him up to speed faster. The play with team Russia combined with preseason play should bring him up to game conditioning, he should be at the point when the season starts he will be back to putting the puck into the back of the net. Showing he has not lost his sniper skills.  Tarasenko should be able to start showing off to all of those who have doubted him. He will be able to show all his doubters that he has not lost his touch of being able to snipe goals.

Now is the time for Vladimir Tarasenko to just play hockey.

E. Guido

Mr. Guido is a lifelong fan of the Blues, who suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. Mr. Guido uses his love of the Blues and his newfound passion, the St Louis Fan Report, to help him in his daily routine. Mr. Guido stumbled across a live episode of the BlueNote Fan Report and was hooked. Mr. Guido hopes to continue writing for the Fan Report and hope you give him a little slack if his grammar is just a bit off.



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