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“Fan” of the Game

The moment I became a hockey fan was March 3rd, 1996. It was Wayne Gretzky’s second game with the St.Louis Blues and everyone in town was buzzing with excitement that we had the Great One. I was 10 years old and having been from Iowa I really had no idea what hockey was. I learned fast because Kelly Buchberger made a dirty hit on Gretzky causing him to suffer a concussion and leave the game. The Blues went on to win the game 4-3 and after the game, I grabbed a curtain rod and a soda bottle lid and attempted to play. I was never very good but I did play goaltender for a season of roller hockey in my late teens… definitely was no Grant Fuhr let’s not talk about my GAA the main point was I had a blast. According to Roland, I was the first woman to win the pick-em contest. I guess there is no real exciting story for me though. Hockey just brings me joy. It’s fun to watch it’s fun to play even if I am not very good at it. My favorite player was probably Grant Fuhr or Chris Pronger. Currently, I really like Perron which is why I pick him most of the time in the contest. I am not very good at writing so you probably won’t see an article written by me but I will read everyone else’s 😊


Andrea Fan of the game


Bob and Michele Couple of the game

Kat rotated

Kat Superfan of the game