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We are taking applications for Internships here at STL Fan Report.  We are looking for anyone who is wanting to get some experience under their belt before they are able to launch their own career.  We are looking for those who are willing to put in the time and work to help us out as an up-and-coming business. We are looking for writers, editors that will primarily write and edit about St Louis Sports.

Internship Writer

The Intern Writer will be responsible for writing content for the blog and preparing it for the editor to review before it goes to Guy for final approval on publishing. The writer will write about Hockey and will be transitioning to the other sports in St Louis as the season goes. We are looking for a St Louis Cardinals Baseball Writer, Soccer, and Nascar.  This is only an internship you will not be paid.

Internship Editor

The Intern Editor will be responsible for editing all articles before they are published on the blog. Final approval will rest with Guy on approval or disapproval on the article being published or not. The editor needs to have an understanding of sports hockey, baseball, soccer, and Nascar Racing.  This is only an internship you will not be paid.

Internship Web Designer

We are also looking for a Web Designer that knows and understands Word Press that is able to join the team.  They must be able to show a portfolio of their work.

Will post a list of requirements here at a future date. Will have the list of requirements completed by 31 March 2021.


No one here is getting paid right now that needs to be clear and understood by all. This is all done to gain invaluable insight into the writing and editing field.

Web Designers will be able to add this to their list of experiences and add to their portfolio.


Contact us for more information about an Internship at STL Fan Report