Marco Scandella, the St. Louis Blues big Defenseman with a bigger heart

Marco Sandella earning his teeth in St. Louis. No matter how the 2020-2021 season ends, one of the most indelible images of this season has got to be St. Louis Blues defensemen Marco Scandella, with McKenzie MacEachern, Ryan O’Reilly, and

Zach Sanford, why is he the fans’ #1 whipping boy?

Zach Sanford has become the go whipping boy of Blues Fans Judging from the recent press Zach Sanford has received on the fan blogs, you would have thought he was kidnapping toy poodles or something. Why do fans hate this

The Healing Power of Hockey. Blues Warriors take to the ice.

Becoming a warrior. When you first raise your hand and take the oath of enlistment, becoming a warrior, the last thing on your mind is the power of the words you just repeated. "I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm)

Zdeno Chara’s Capitals beat the Bruins in a shoot out 2-1. Chara’s return Emotional.

Chara returns “Home” to Boston with Capitals. Capitals beat Bruins in shootout 2-1 Yesterday was a bittersweet night in Beantown because for the first time their long-term former captain and stalwart Zdeno Chara steps back on the ice at the

Blues Face Kings for 2 Games, Could Tarasenko Return?

Blues and Kings set for two in the STAPLES Center. Could Tarasenko make his return? The box score from October 24, 2019, looked impressive enough.  The ST. Louis Blues scored three power-play goals en route to a convincing 5-2

St. Louis Blues Facebook group contest goes to sudden death.

The St. Louis Fan Report Blues Pick ‘Em contest goes into sudden death. The ST. Louis Fan Report has been hosting a Pick ‘Em contest for over a year.  The contest started when John Hefner of Sulfur LA, a fan

What’s up with the St. Louis Blues? Face Yotes for 5th straight time.

The St. Louis Blues Take on the Yotes again!! The St. Louis Blues will play their 14th game of this shorten season tonight against the -gasps- Arizona Coyotes for the 5th consecutive time. What is worse, is the next

Blues Hunting Coyotes in Enterprise for Second Game.

Blues VS Coyotes Game 2. Preview   The Blues will face the Coyotes for the second of a two-game set. The Blues won the first game 4-3 despite Arizona's fast start. The Yotes out-shot the Blues 10-1 while also


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